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The Island Of Serenity
Chapter 2 Beginning There is fog or mist, or something. “Where the hell is this?” “Not quite Hell, Faron.” “Who are you, where are you, how do you know my name?” “Who I am is of no importance; where I am, is not here and I know your name because I am here to help you.” “But where am I, am I dead?” “You are in-between.” “In-between what?” “Here and there.” “Is this purgatory?” “You might choose to call it that.” “Why am I here?” “Why do you think?” “Because you don’t know where to send me?” “Where you should go next, will have to be decided.” “But I can’t change what I’ve done.” “You can change who you are now.” “But it’s too late.” “If it was too late, there would be no point in you being here.” “Listen, whoever or whatever you are, it is too late, I’ve totally screwed up my life, there’s no point in trying to change anything.” “Fine, then I hope that you like this scenery,…” “There is no scenery, just clouds or fog.” “… because this is where you will stay.” “For how long?”“ Until you accept to change.” “That’s my choice, change or stay?” “Isn’t it the only choice, to change, or stay the same?” “To change or remain the same?” “Change or remain the same.” “Okay, change it is.” “Change it is.” “Okay.”
Ch 2